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We are surrounded by a world characterised by threat and risk that must be accounted for without leading to organisational paralysis.  At Inperium Consulting we take a pragmatic, operationally focused approach to risk management, looking for the opportunities in every problem.  We believe that where risk underpins the problem,

leadership frames the answer that is  unique to the context of your organisation.  We don’t re-sell off the shelf generic solutions but, with due reference to standards, research and best practice we develop reliable and innovative solutions that add value, strength and flexibility for your organisation

Fields of expertise

Organisational Resilience

Resilient organisations are much more successful at adapting and responding to the complexity, volatility and uncertainty of today’s global business environment. Let us help you take a strategic approach to making your organisational truly resilient

Business Continuity

Business continuity is a key, risk driven discipline that underpins organisational resilience.  Let us help you develop a business continuity programme that really works for your organisation, adds value, is relevant, risk driven, and aligned to the organisations strategic objectives, values and culture

Crisis Management & Leadership

How you manage a corporate crisis is likely to have a greater impact on your reputation and long-term viability than the crisis itself.  We can work with your leadership team to go beyond crisis communication, and develop outstanding crisis leadership

Incident Response & Management

Policy, plans and procedures are key to preparedness but the capability to execute them effectively during an incident is critical. Let us help you to understand, develop, improve and hone that capability

Contingency Planning

How you will deal with unplanned disruption?  Contingency plans can range from high level principles and structures to detailed procedures.  We can help you to identify what you need and develop and  draft the plans and guidance that will form the framework for incident response and shape your incident response training.

Strategic Business Support

Sometimes you really need a truly independent, impartial and objective sounding board.  Let us provide that sounding board for your organisation through a range of ad hoc and long-term non-executive support services


The time to test your plans and capability is not in the face of a real incident/crisis and an untested plan is no better than wishful thinking.  We can develop  deliver and and objectively report on testing for your new or existing plans to validate them, assess capability and evaluate compliance and readiness


With everything else in place your capability still amounts to nothing if your people, leaders, managers, teams and responders have not been properly trained for their incident response roles.  We provide a range of focused training opportunities that support everything else we do.


Tabletop, live functional and hybrid are all forms of exercising and each has its place.  They are all to some extent simulations of a real event, that rehearse your people and your plans within a safe learning environment.  We develop and facilitate a full range of exercises to improve organisational readiness for a real incident/crisis

Leadership Development

Good leadership is the foundation of organisational resilience, and everything else that we do, We work with your leaders and leadership teams to develop outstanding, resilient leadership and strategy that is completely aligned to the organisation’s vision, objectives and strategy

Independent Investigation & Analysis

Sometimes the only way to gain a true and objective understanding of an event, accident, incident or crisis is to commission an independent investigation and analysis of what happened.  We  offer confidential, independent investigation and analysis of direct and root  cause and effect across a wide range of events

Audit, Assessment & Review

All journeys start with an understanding of where you are now so that you can plan the best route to where you want to be.  We are able to arrange thorough audits, reviews, assessments and comprehensive, objective reporting across all areas of organisational resilience

Why Choose Us ?

we have no limits

Chosen to work with some of the largest global enterprise and the smallest local organisations – Everyone needs resilience



We apply the broadest range of academic and operational expertise to inteligently resolve your problems



We have some of the most experienced professionals available, we have been there, done that and proudly wear the T-shirt



We are proud of what we do, we value our clients and are always prepared to go the extra mile to exceed all expectations

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